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Cheap Divorce Online

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Our service provides customers with an opportunity to get cheap divorce forms done online in short terms. You only have to complete a questionnaire on the respective page of our website and we will do the rest. After we process your request, you will receive the document kit to your e-mail inbox. Moreover, if you would like to receive a 1-day cheap divorce pack, we will be glad to offer you our expedited delivery option.

We offer preparation of all papers needed for cheap and quick divorce online. For example, one of the documents we will provide you with would be a marriage dissolution petition, which is one of the most important forms required in court. In order for us to fill it out for you, we would ask you to provide the:

Also, we help with supplementary documents for a divorce:

Summons with notice (if needed in state where your case is registered)

Financial documents (income worksheets, assets affidavits, etc.)

Documents regarding children under 18 (worksheet of child support, parenting plans, etc.)

Maintenance documents (spousal support worksheet, etc.)

There are additional papers that you must submit to the court without writing anything on them. For instance, it can be Notice of Automatic Orders – the sheet where all the orders that apply to you and your partner once you enter the procedure are listed. This notice is submitted to ensure that the rights of parties and their children are protected during the divorce. The only thing you and your partner need to do is read it carefully and understand what every order implies.

How to get quick and cheap divorce in the US online?

With development of the Internet, nowadays, more and more people who wish to get their marriage dissolved prefer to get cheap Internet divorce. This implies preparing the documents online and filing them with the certain court. The former is available throughout the US and you can read more about it in the next section. The latter, however, is not accessible in every state.

For instance, in Texas, e-filing does not work in every county, but it is available in all counties in New York. To make sure it is possible to e-file your documents, contact the court of the county where you meet the residency requirements.

The process of e-filing of divorce papers generally looks as follows:

01Creating an account on the website of the e-filing system and logging into it.

02Submitting papers. When filing for a cheap divorce online, papers should be uploaded in the PDF format.

03Making the payment of court fees online.

Where To Get Cheap Divorce Papers?

Looking for a cheap way to divorce, you will stumble upon a lot of unreliable information. There are various pieces of advice offered on the Internet, and it is often hard to understand which ones can be trusted. Some websites may even offer free forms upon registration and simply end up sending you spam while you get outdated legal documents that cannot be submitted to court. Therefore, we have created this overview of reliable ways to get cheap online divorce in the US to show you how to do it quickly and with the least stress.

How to get a cheap divorce in United States?

The first thing you need to understand is that cheap and quick divorce in the US is a real possibility and you can cope with it yourself. The second one is that a divorce procedure does not require years to be finalized. If spouses can agree on certain issues that apply to their situation (e.g. how they will care for and make decisions regarding children after the divorce, divide their property and real estate, and resolve the financial matters), the divorce will be granted relatively quickly.

The fastest way to divorce for cheap is to file for an uncontested marriage dissolution. Spouses are eligible for it if they have no disputes regarding any of the previously-mentioned aspects and have reached a mutually-satisfying agreement. To get a cheap no-fault divorce, i.e. an uncontested one, the filing party should mark “irretrievable breakdown” in the legal forms as the reason they want to end a marriage. Note that this is the only ground you can choose to get a cheap and fast divorce in US. All others would require you to prove your spouse’s fault, and it will take significantly more time and money.

In order to cut expenses to a minimum, couples may opt not to get a lawyer involved. Getting a cheap legal divorce is possible without an attorney when filing for a no-fault option. As spouses already have an agreement that both are satisfied with, a judge is very likely to approve it, which is why lawyer’s representation or involvement in general is not mandatory. Moreover, getting your paperwork done online will cost you less than getting it done by an attorney.

Often, no-fault dissolutions might be delayed for some time due to the mandatory separation requirements in certain states. For example, in Louisiana, you must live separately from your partner for a year to get a simple divorce on the no-fault basis. However, considering how much money would go into a contested dissolution, a separation period required for an uncontested one is worth going through.

How to carry out cheap uncontested divorce?

The first step to initiating a no-fault divorce is getting to know the legal requirements for it. A common procedural requirement in the majority of the states is creating a written agreement regarding the property and debt division, childcare, and other marriage dissolution aspects. Such document should be signed by both partners and notarized before it can be submitted to the court. If a couple fails to address any of the divorce-related aspects that apply to their situation, a judge may decline the request for marriage dissolution.

Another legal requirement that spouses should meet is a residency one. It is important to note that residency requirements differ from state to state and from county to county. For instance, to get a divorce in New York, spouses should live there for two years before they are legally allowed to file. If either partner lived in the state for a year, then either of the following statements must be true:

  • the registration of marriage happened in New York;
  • the couple lived here upon getting married;
  • the reasons for divorce occurred in the state.

In Oklahoma, either partner should have lived in the state for half a year or have served in any military service on the territory of state to file there. In Arizona, on the other hand, it takes 90 days to become a resident.

Once the procedural and residency requirements are met, an initiating party can start gathering the paperwork for filing. It includes not only the petition for dissolution of marriage but also the supplementary forms. When all documents are put together, you can move on to next step: notarizing the papers. To receive notary verification, it’s important to simply sign papers in front of a notary public. Only some documents, such as a settlement agreement, a joint petition for marriage dissolution, and a few others will require notarization.

After that, you should make copies of all documents since the original papers will be taken by the court. On this stage of the process, you will also have to pay court fees. The sum will differ depending on the state, county, and a specific court where you file. For example, it is around $266-400 in Arizona, $80-250 in Georgia, $137 in Idaho, and up to $400 in Connecticut. Please note that these fees are the same for both contested and uncontested cases.

The copies you make must be delivered to your partner in a way that your state finds appropriate. In general, approved means of delivery include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. in-person delivery by professional server (for an additional fee);
  2. in-person delivery by sheriff of the county (for an additional fee);
  3. certified mail delivery (you can get to know the rates by phone or on the website of the mail);
  4. in-person by yourself (allowed only in a few states, and often requires that the spouse signs a document agreeing to it);
  5. posting a notification in local newspaper (allowed if you couldn’t locate your partner and should be done only after there is a court confirmation that it can be done).

After the papers were served, an affidavit of the delivery must be provided to the court. This form can be filled out by you, a person who served the documents, or by your partner depending on the means of delivery and state requirements.

The next stage is a case review. As we have previously stated, to get a cheap and fast divorce, you may choose not to involve a lawyer in the case, as it is unlikely that you will need them to help you during a hearing. Depending on the state laws, you may be invited to the short hearing where the judge will ask a few questions, mostly to make sure both parties agree on the terms of the settlement agreement. When everything is clarified, the judge fills in the necessary information in your divorce decree and signs it. In some states, your divorce is final once the decree is signed by the judge; in others you should wait for a month or more for your marriage dissolution to come into force.