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Get filled out uncontested divorce forms with guaranteed court approval. File comfortably with our step-by-step guide. All that and more for only $99!

Complete Uncontested Divorce in South Dakota Online in 3 Steps

To file for divorce online in South Dakota, take these 3 steps:

  • Submit answers to our quick questionnaire.
  • Review and sign your forms.
  • Use our filing guide to get a quick divorce.

Before you start, we want to make sure that South Dakota online divorce services we provide are the right fit for you. Check it for free in our “Do you qualify” form.

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Uncontested Divorce Without Children

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Uncontested Divorce With Children

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How to File for Divorce in South Dakota With No Money

The biggest expense in most divorce cases is legal fees that South Dakota divorce lawyers charge. A retainer of $2,500-$5,000 and $250-$400 hourly are justifiable costs when finances, assets, and children are in the center of spousal disputes. However, why would you want to pay that much if you and your ex are in agreement?

To file for an uncontested divorce on your own, you need to:

  1. Find the right forms for your case and make sure they are valid.
  2. Fill out the paperwork and notarize some of it if necessary.
  3. File the documents with the local court clerk and pay the filing fee.
  4. Serve your spouse within a period and by means that state law requires.
  5. Submit the proof of service and other paperwork to the court as necessary.
  6. Ask the clerk about the hearing date and whether you need to attend the hearing.
  7. File the final set of forms and go to a hearing if required.
  8. Wait for a judge to sign a decree and file it with a clerk.

In most cases, parents of minors and low-income individuals need to take additional steps to get divorced. County-specific requirements and the types of forms you file will also influence the process. You need to understand what factors to account for and what procedures to follow to finalize your marriage dissolution.

To get an affordable divorce in South Dakota, you don’t necessarily need to do everything on your own – this is often risky and time-consuming. It’s easy to get lost in a variety of forms, download the wrong ones, or fill them out incorrectly. The filing process might also be confusing and tricky at times.

The cheapest way to get a divorce in South Dakota is the one that allows you to save both time and money. A trusted online service with a low flat fee and strong guarantees is just the right option.  

Cheap, Quick and Easy

By choosing a low-cost divorce in South Dakota, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of services. We offer: 

  • Court-approved legal forms

  • Full divorce packet for only $99.

  • Customizable installment plan.

  • Free 24/7 customer support.

  • Easy-to-navigate questionnaire.

  • 100% online process.

  • Detailed filing guide.

  • Safety and security guarantee.

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What South Dakota Divorce Papers Will I Get?

There is no one-fits-all package of documents in South Dakota, as all cases are different. Some forms are mandatory across the state, even if they don’t look like they are. Others are optional but might help you gain certain reliefs from the court.

As you pass our questionnaire, our system accurately determines what documents you require to file for divorce successfully and get the desired outcome. Therefore, you receive a set of forms that not only meet the legal standards but also suit your needs.

Some of the divorce forms you might get are:

  • Stipulation & Settlement Agreement
  • Affidavit of Plaintiff and Defendant as to Jurisdiction and Grounds for Divorce
  • Child Support Filing Data Form
  • Judgment and Decree of Divorce

Obviously, couples with kids and different types of assets will need more forms than those who have none. We have this taken care of. You will only need to answer a few additional questions, but your package of documents will still cost $99. 

Free South Dakota divorce Forms for you

Feel free to download our samples of free printable divorce papers for South Dakota and reconsider preparing the forms on your own. But remember, to file for an uncontested divorce, you will have to complete 15 forms on average.