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Divorce is not only stressful but also a costly process, so many couples who decide to end their marriage are concerned about the question, “How much does a divorce cost in Delaware?”.

The average cost of divorce in Delaware varies depending on the circumstances; however, it is mostly affected by the expenses on lawyers.

A cheap divorce in Delaware becomes possible if spouses do not have disputed issues regarding the divorce terms, meaning they do not necessarily need to involve attorneys. In this article, we will analyze the advantages of uncontested cases and steps for getting a cheap divorce in Delaware.

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Affordable Delaware Divorce Online

Although do-it-yourself marriage dissolution is the cheapest way to divorce in Delaware, it can have certain negative consequences. You will have to find the right forms and fill them out yourself, and even small mistakes in the paperwork may result in the need to resubmit documents, leading to extra time and money spent on the case.

Another option for an affordable divorce in Delaware is an online document preparation service. Using it, you can avoid wasting time selecting and searching for documents yourself and obtain the finished paperwork at a fair price in just a few business days.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce

A DIY divorce means managing every step of the divorce procedure independently, from the preparation of documents to representing yourself in court. You will likely need to go through the following steps:

  1. Collecting financial and personal information required in your case.
  2. Determining the necessary forms.
  3. Filling out the paperwork.
  4. Filing a set of documents with the appropriate local court.
  5. Serving the defendant with the necessary forms.
  6. Completing the mandatory waiting period.
  7. Attending a court hearing and obtaining a divorce decree.

If you use outdated forms, omit some necessary information, or make errors while filling them out, the clerk will not accept your paperwork. If you do not comply with the process requirements, your case may be extended or delayed.

Although do-it-yourself divorce is usually cheap as you will need to cover the court fees only, proceeding on your own does not guarantee a quick or desired result. 

Online Uncontested Divorce in Delaware

Though using an online service for competing divorce paperwork is not free, the prices are very affordable. Our cost-effective and convenient service will help make your Delaware uncontested divorce faster and less stressful compared to a DIY divorce and less expensive than involving an attorney when it comes to document preparation.

All our customers receive:

  1. Current and court-approved forms to submit in court.
  2. Detailed filing instructions for their case.
  3. Round-the-clock customer support.

Affordable assistance with paperwork that will help couples get a cheap divorce in Delaware.

The online document preparation service is a suitable option for those spouses who want to save money on hiring a lawyer and reduce the time needed to complete the necessary documents independently. The main condition for using it is to agree with your spouse on the divorce terms to make the case uncontested.  

Steps to Cheap Uncontested Divorce in Delaware

Turning to an online service is a smart choice for couples who are in agreement and wish to get a cheap divorce in Delaware. To go through your uncontested marriage dissolution with the help of our service, you will need to:

  1. Answer several simple questions to see if you qualify for uncontested divorce.
  2. Pay a fixed price for a set of case-specific documents.
  3. Complete a questionnaire about your marriage and the divorce terms agreed on with your spouse.
  4. Get the forms and print them. You can download the finished paperwork from your account or order courier delivery for an additional fee.
  5. File the papers with the court clerk’s office or online through the e-filing system.
  6. Serve your spouse if necessary. Since your case is uncontested, the defendant may agree to waive personal service. In a simplified divorce, service may not be needed.
  7. Get your divorce decree after a court hearing, if required in your specific case.

Though using an online service is not the cheapest way to divorce in Delaware, it has many advantages compared to a DIY divorce. It is also a great opportunity to reduce financial and time expenses on the paperwork, making a quick and cheap divorce in Delaware a reality.

  • Court-approved legal forms

  • Full divorce packet for only $99.

  • Customizable installment plan.

  • Free 24/7 customer support.

  • Easy-to-navigate questionnaire.

  • 100% online process.

  • Detailed filing guide.

  • Safety and security guarantee.

See if You Qualified for Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Without Children - $99

By completing paperwork using our service, you can obtain an affordable divorce in Delaware with less stress, spending only $99 on your documents.

Here are the main advantages of ordering the paperwork online:

  1. Only court-approved and current forms. You will not need to worry that one of the papers is outdated.
  2. Clear and convenient platform for filling out the questionnaire. It is divided into several sections and has hints on many questions to help you understand how to provide an answer.
  3. Submission instructions included. In addition to a set of documents, you will get a detailed filing guide on the further steps to take.
  4. Fast delivery of paperwork. You can receive the papers ready to file with the court within a few business days.

When choosing online help with divorce paperwork, you can get a cheap online divorce in Delaware without spending much money on a lawyer’s help with the forms, adjusting to their schedule, and depending on their workload.

Uncontested Divorce with Minor Child - $99

The overall cost of divorce in Delaware can vary significantly depending on whether you have children under 18. However, the presence of minor kids in the case will not affect the price of a set of documents you can order from our service. We do not charge extra for child-related forms, and the price will still be $99.

If your case is uncontested, you can prepare for a cheap divorce in Delaware with children with the help of our online platform.

For couples with kids, we offer:

  1. Fixed cost for a set of forms regardless of the number of children you have. Preparing for divorce with more than one child won’t cause your expenses on paperwork to increase.
  2. Case-specific papers for marriage dissolution involving kids. The ready-made package of documents will contain child-related information.
  3. Possibility of making changes to the paperwork. If you make a mistake while filling out the documents, you can always correct it as long as your subscription is active.
  4. 24/7 customer support. If you have any questions concerning prices or specifics of our work, contact our professional support agents, who are available round the clock.

Cheap Divorce in Delaware Without a Lawyer

Since a lawyer’s hourly rate within the state ranges from $250 to $400, the average divorce cost in Delaware involving attorneys can start at $1,500 and reach $5,000 and more in an uncontested divorce.

The cheapest way to divorce in   Delaware if you and your spouse have already agreed on the divorce terms is to complete the necessary forms on your own or with the help of an online document preparation service and file them with the court yourself.

The advantages of getting papers online are:

  1. Fixed cost regardless of case features. You will pay a set fee to prepare documents, whether you have children or not.
  2. Saving time during divorce preparation. You will receive the necessary forms quickly without having to adjust to a lawyer’s schedule or filling out all the papers yourself.
  3. Court-approved and case-specific forms. We will make sure the forms are recent, used by the local courts, and completed with the specific information you provided.

Saving money on attorney’s fees when it comes to assistance with paperwork is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of using an online service.

Get Help with an Uncontested Divorce in Delaware

If your divorce is uncontested, meaning using an online document preparation service is reasonable in your case, we will gladly help you complete the necessary paperwork.

By choosing our service, you will get Delaware uncontested divorce forms in a few business days at an affordable price, avoiding the stress of dealing with complicated legal paperwork on your own.

The cost of a set of forms for uncontested cases will be only $99, regardless of whether minor children are involved. Additionally, when filing papers with the court, you will need to pay a mandatory court fee of around $400. Thus, with our online tool, you can get a cheap divorce in Delaware since the total cost of your marriage dissolution can potentially be no more than $600.

Preparing documents with our service is convenient, fast, and significantly cheaper than paying a lawyer for the same type of work.  

Free Delaware divorce Forms for you

Feel free to download our samples of free printable divorce papers for Delaware and reconsider preparing the forms on your own. But remember, to file for an uncontested divorce, you will have to complete 15 forms on average.


Divorce expenses can vary greatly depending on whether spouses disagree on any issues. Disputed cases can cost parties $8,000-$15,000 or more, while uncontested ones are typically less expensive, with average prices ranging from $500 to $4,000.

The minimum price for an uncontested divorce in the state can be around $400, equal to the mandatory court fees. If you use an online document preparation service, your expenses can increase by $130-$180, on average. Hiring a lawyer will likely raise your divorce cost by several thousand dollars.

To get a cheap divorce, you should agree with your spouse on all divorce-related issues and either act completely on your own or use the online service to receive the required divorce paperwork at an affordable price.